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Q. Why did the Hipster burn his tongue?

A. Because he drank his tea before it was cool!

If you liked where that came from, you’ve stumbled across the right place! With Tea Hee Hee you’ll satisfy both your pun fun side and tea cravings all at the same time!! Our goal is to take you to your happy place and we intent to do that with some help from our natural mood enhancing herbs in every bag and a joke or a pun on every tag.

Here on the Tea Hee Hee blog we will keep you in the loop on all things Tea Hee Hee. From showing you how certain herbs will help you, to funny contests, upcoming events, and even fun arts and crafts using tea!

We hope that you enjoy learning, laughing, and lounging around with us each week on the blog. You can also sign up for our mailer to receive updates with our email subscription as well. So be sure to subscribe to them below!

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If your cup is still half emptea after that, feel free to check out our social media platforms to fill that empteaness with even more jokes and puns (or just fill it up with some Tea Hee Hee)!

We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for tea and humor with you. We hope that you will join us here each week for a laugh!


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